Rahul Gandhi Congress Compainger

Rahul GandhiIn the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, he retained his Amethi constutuency by a victory margin of over 333,000 votes. Rahul Gandhi also played a pivatol role in reviving Congress in U.P during this election by winning 21 out of the total 80 Lok Sabha seats. He spoke at 125 rallies across the country in six weeks. Rahul Gandhi, at present concentrates mainly on constituency issues and the politics of Uttar Pradesh.


"If the country is to be changed, it cannot be changed from the top, it can be changed from the ground level. Policies can be from the top, ideas can come from the top, thoughts can come from the top, but their implementation has to be at the level of municipalities, panchayats and wards". These words of Rahul Gandhi prove that he understands the actual value and strength of democracy and also underlines the importance of a visionary young leader like him.

The fifth-generation heir of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had to undergo the most fearsome and heartless life stories right from his childhood. With the odd hours of grief, anxiety, fear and a will to achieve something, he came back to the traditional profession of his ancestors. He chose the path that could even pass through the threats of his own life. After returning to India his first step was to help his mother in the campaigning for elections, which of course bagged him a lot of popularity among the commoners.

It is the future which will prove the effectiveness of the endeavour of the young Congress leader. But his push at reforms, addressing rallies, conferences and meetings and interaction with young people of varied professions and socio-economic backgrounds across states to spread the awareness of his organisational reforms is an indication of his seriousness to bring in and to establish a direct contact with the grassroots, an endeavour to inject vital life into the party and the youth of this country.


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